Using ALPSinsight

Using ALPSinsight

ALPSinsight is for those of you coming to the Alps seeking active time in the mountains. Our goal is to provide ideas, through images and stories, for what we feel are some of the Alps finest hiking, trail running, alpine climbing, ski touring, or road cycling trips. It is quality content by four very real athletes and outdoor industry professionals who live here. And, we love sharing it with others.

The site as an ongoing collection of Trips, with new content being added throughout the year, as we do new things, or as we tap into our archive after 16 years exploring the Alps.

So, use the site however you want. Plan a trip. Daydream. Share it with friends. Enjoy our adventures vicariously and let the inspiration take hold – then it’s your turn to try some of what we offer.

The suggested trips here run the gamut, from gentle cycling past bucolic Alp farms… to downright airy, dramatic trail runs. The vast majority, however, will be accessible by most everyone doing these sports.

The Alps are full of options for outdoor recreation. And, there are always going to be variations of the trips we suggest– and what we suggest might not be the best option for you. ALPSinsight is not a definitive travel planner—for that, we’ve partnered with services like Grand Tours Project and Run the Alps, or we’ll provide links to outside services.

For those of you who do want to dig deeper, we highly recommend getting to know the Swiss Map site to discover everything that is available. Even more than this site, these photos, our words – a Swiss map is truly the most exciting thing to look at, because maps here include every possible feature, from remote mountain huts, to ski tours, to the thousands of trails that lace the Alps.

Of course if you need additional help, our guide partners are there for you—whether you want to use their services, or just need a suggestion or two if you’re more of a DIY’er.

After years of exploring the Alps, we knew we had landed in a special place– one that met all of our needs for mountain sports in all seasons. But it was hard to piece it all together. Can you really run the Hardergrat? How do I link four alpine passes on my bike? Figuring it all out took a lot of guesswork. It’s our hope that with ALPSinsight, you can skip the trial and error and get right to the fun part.

Enjoy– and let us know how it goes for you!

Doug, Alain, Janine & Dan