The Rosenhorn

Skinning the Rosenhorn’s base before a final steep section to the summit

Sunrise will be spent on the mandatory long, glacial cruises from the hut before reaching the steeper peaks.

Skiing off the summit of the Rosenhorn with views out to the Schreckhorn, Mönch and Eiger.

The Rosenhorn

A classic spring ski peak with big views of the Berner Oberland

Description : The Rosenhorn is done as part of a multi day ski tour trip from the Gauli Hut which sits at the base of numerous long ski descents from big peaks. Being somewhat remote, and ideal spring ski terrain, the area gets popular once the Gauli Hut opens in March. Additionally, the approach to the hut is a day in itself, so people usually stay a night or two and ski several of the big peaks from the hut. The Rosenhorn is a popular objective.

For the last day, if conditions permit, start early, climb the 3700 meter Wetterhorn, then descend all the way to Rosenlaui where you’ll have to connect buses back to your starting point.

Start : Innertkirchen or Grimsel Pass / Finish : Rosenlaui, Grimsel Pass or Innertkirchen

Effort : Medium

Dan’s Tip : The Gauli Hut is an idyllic basecamp for several days of ski touring big peaks in friendly alpine terrain. But, the approach requires a big snow year. Inquire with the hut keeper or a local mountain guide.



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