The Grosse Scheidegg

The Grosse Scheidegg cycling

Riding the Grosse Scheidegg from the east side has a spectacular final few switchbacks beneath the Wetterhorn

Grosse Scheidegg cycling

Cyclists all imagine the perfect climb; narrow, car free, good pavement, and huge views. This is it.

Grosse Scheidegg road biking

Heading up the Grosse Scheidegg in late spring.

The Grosse Scheidegg  |  Cycling

Arguably the most scenic cycling pass in the Alps

Description : The immediate Jungfrau Region is not known as a road cycling destination. However, it is home to what may be Europe’s best pass, the Grosse Scheidegg. Not only does the road pass directy beneath walls towering 1700 meters above, or has views of cascading glaciers, or even that it passes next to the famous Eiger Nordwand – what is one of the biggest selling points is… it is closed to cars and only a few meters wide. You’ll see all the views on the pass, but for the occasional farmer or PostAuto Bus, you won’t see or, or better still, hear motorbikes. This one is for the cyclists, and they come from all over to experience the whole package.
If started in Interlaken, and ridden clockwise, a long flat section provides the perfect warmup prior to the steep early sections of the pass. Then, from the pass itself, a long descent awaits before a bit of flat to roll back into Interlaken. It’s truly perfection… 
This pass features in the Switzerland Iconic Passes Getaway organized by our partner Grand Tours Project.

Start : Interlaken /   Finish : Interlaken

Distance : 80km

Vertical : ~1500 meters

Clockwise Loop

Effort : Medium

Dan’s Tip : While tempting to look heroic on Strava, you’ll regret not stopping for the views of what is certainly one of the most stunning road rides in the world. At the very least, sit in the sun for a few minutes on the Grosse Scheidegg pass itself and soak in what you are amongst.



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  1. We are very interested in riding The Grosse Scheidegg . We are planning a trip in September. Is the weather favorable that time of year? Are there any specific weeks you would recommend? Also where do we rent bikes?
    Thank you for any information.

    1. Post

      Hi Karin, September is typically a more stable month for weather, but no guarantees…! For bike rentals, check Imboden Bikes in Lauterbrunnen. Have fun.

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