Lauterbrunnen to Grindelwald

Imagine running amongst this…

Above Wengen’s dirt road section is a long section of singletrack, the same trail used for the last kilometers of the Jungfrau Marathon course. The views get bigger and bigger the higher you go. Above are the north faces of the Mönch and Jungfrau.

The last couple of kilometers before the Eigergletscher Station are on a steep moraine. Above are glaciers and 1000+ meters of steep rock & ice, below is only Lauterbrunnen Valley, your starting point.


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  1. Hi,

    I was lucky to run this route last summer. It was spectacular. The start was vertically punishing but was so very worth the grind. The range of terrain and quality of single track were amazing. Interlachen seems like one of those rare places where every view is a heavy one.

    Hoping to be back to explore more this summer.

  2. Hi there,

    I’ll be doing this route this fall staying in Wengen, and I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on whether this route is better done Wengen-Grindelwald or Grindelwald-Wengen (taking the cable car there first). I’m thinking if I decide to end early and take the train the rest of the way, whether there’s an advantage of making sure to hike one end or the other. Thanks so much!

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      Hi Hillary, It’s really the same. My feeling is that it’s cool to start from where you stay. So, up to Kleine Scheidegg from Wengen, then the small extra up to Eigergletscher, then be sure to follow the Eiger Panorama Trail down. This is the key trail down thanks to its position and views. I encourage you to go as far as Alpiglen, and from there you can take the train down to Grindelwald and then back around to Lauterbrunen and up to Wengen. Have a great time here!

  3. I just did this route from Wengan to Gridelwald last week and it was fantastic. The entire place is surreal with outstanding views, well marked trails, and good vibes from other hikers (and even people chanting encouragement from a passing train). I had a quick bite at the Kleine Scheidegg, watched and heard some tremendous rock and ice falls cascading down near the glacier, then started the descent. Going this direction made the cruise along the Eiger Wall exciting because the grade makes for a quick pace. The forested section on the last third of the route is also good for keeping cool on a hot day. Upon entering Grindelwald there was a nice river to sooth my pounding quads and clean up for the train back to Zurich.

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