The Via Valais Summary

Trail running the Via Valais, Zinal

It took three weeks of exploring trails and three different routes to nail it. But, in the end, boy did we nail it! The Via Valais route is complete, but we are not going to …

Introducing the Via Valais

Trail running on the Barrhorn, the Alps highest trail.

This weekend, we’re setting out on our most ambitious project of the year. The goal is partly work, but primarily personal. We hope to establish what we feel is going to be the perfect multi-day …


Running the Glacier Haute Route

The idea to run the Glacier Haute Route evolved in about a two minute conversation with our Run the Alps Switzerland book partner, Kim Strom. Driving to Arolla for a run, we spotted the expanse …


Climbing the Dent Blanche Regular Route South Ridge

Climbing Dent Blanche

Climbers prefer either a beautiful line or an inspiring overall objective. You don’t always get both. In the case of the 4357 meter Dent Blanche, you get a perfect combination of a classic ridge climb …

Skiing the Bishorn

skiing the 4000er Bishorn

  Ski Touring an Alps 4000 Meter Peak The Bishorn is one of the Alps “easiest” 4000 meter peaks. However, this doesn’t make it easy.¬†While it has no technical difficulties beyond walking, it does have …