Trail Running Ticino’s Monte Zucchero

Running Ticino's Monte Zucchero

Stop and Smell the Goats Janine spreads a map on the dinner table between plates of polenta, pizza, and pasta. “I found a loop for us,” she says, tracing the route line. Tomorrow looks like a long day … even without the option to add an extra ridge … if there’s time. Dan and Janine had recently hiked the Via Alta Verzasca and couldn’t wait to return to the Ticino region of Switzerland, so here …


Hiking the Via Alta Verzasca

Hiking the Ticino Via Alta Verzasca

  It used to always annoy me when I lived in the US and heard Europeans say that they were not very impressed by the American mountains. In truth, it was the sky they came for, or more accurately, the size of the sky – big. Sure, the Alps are tough competition when it comes to comparing mountains. In terms of sheer beauty, with their relief, glaciers, and unique forms (the Matterhorn!), the Alps are hard to …