Shishapangma South Face with Ueli Steck and David Göttler

Ueli Steck and David Göttler packing climbing gear

May 29, 2016: Kathmandu, Nepal When I started as a photographer I simply wanted to document what I saw, to be a journalist, a National Geographic type shooting assignments where I responded to and anticipated situations. But, I was a mountain guy and had been working in the outdoor industry with many friends and connections, which I would soon realize had already put me on the path I am still on today. With the exception …


The Sony a7II in the Nepal Himalaya

Back in September, I posted about making the switch to Sony after almost 20 years shooting Canon pro cameras. I’d been bombarded with the Sony a7 popping up in my social media and photography news sites and became intrigued to see what the hype was all about. At the same time, I was recognizing that Canon seemed sound asleep. My phone could do more than my cameras. It took only one trip to the camera store to convince me I …


Trekking in Nepal after the Earthquake

I was so happy to be back in Nepal that I forgot all about the earthquake. But, truth be told, there were no immediate reminders, no toppled buildings or piles of rubble, there was just Kathmandu. We exited the airport to the ever present hordes of taxi drivers and staring eyes, and there amongst it all, our friend Harka waiting with a huge smile on his face. It felt great to be back to this …


Nepal Sherpa Mountain Culture Photos

When we booked our first trip to Nepal, a friend said, “People like you never go to Nepal just once”. He was right, we’ve been three times in the last three years for four treks and one climbing expedition. As we do our work photographing flashy new outdoor gear, making trekking & climbing images, and telling the westerner’s story of travel in the Himalaya – day to day Nepalese life goes on all around. “No, …


Ueli Steck Behind the Scenes at Annapurna and Personal Thoughts

To date, we have had over 8ooo Google searches land on our site as a result of people searching variations of “How does/what does Ueli Steck… insert train, eat, think”. Apparently folks are interested in these things. Now that we’re back home in Switzerland and our Stock Site is loaded with photos of Ueli at Annapurna, I had some time to go through our personal photos from the trip and re-live what was one of the …


Ueli Steck Annapurna Climb 2013

Ueli Steck Annapurna 2013

Ueli… My first thought upon waking. 3000 meters of rock, snow and ice greeted me as I unzipped the tent door. The massive wall was cast in deep blue without sun and towered so high I had to poke my head out of the tent to see the summit. Ueli’s friend Tenji Sherpa stirred next to me, so too Janine. Immediately, Tenji’s face joined my own and together we took in the wall as he announced, …