North Korea Photography

The Pyongyang mausoleum

Less than a month ago, my great friend and writer, Tim Neville, got the green light on a story idea he had pitched to Ski Magazine about the new ski resort in North Korea. As a photographer who can shoot both travel culture and skiing, I got the call to join in. The project was assigned and only a few days later, before we could talk ourselves out of going, we had visas. We flew …


2013 Photo Summary

2013 was our 15th year together, it was also our best. Thankfully, I say that at the end of every year. Once again, it was a year of continual movement and countless experiences. Most importantly, we collected more memories with great people, friends both new and old, and folks we met along the way. There’s a fact continually beat into my head, we couldn’t do what we do without truly amazing people as part of …


Ueli Steck Behind the Scenes at Annapurna and Personal Thoughts

To date, we have had over 8ooo Google searches land on our site as a result of people searching variations of “How does/what does Ueli Steck… insert train, eat, think”. Apparently folks are interested in these things. Now that we’re back home in Switzerland and our Stock Site is loaded with photos of Ueli at Annapurna, I had some time to go through our personal photos from the trip and re-live what was one of the …


Ueli Steck Annapurna Climb 2013

Ueli Steck Annapurna 2013

Ueli… My first thought upon waking. 3000 meters of rock, snow and ice greeted me as I unzipped the tent door. The massive wall was cast in deep blue without sun and towered so high I had to poke my head out of the tent to see the summit. Ueli’s friend Tenji Sherpa stirred next to me, so too Janine. Immediately, Tenji’s face joined my own and together we took in the wall as he announced, …


Running Costa Brava Trail Running Tours

We were lucky enough to be the photographers for a recent trip along Catalunya’s Costa Brava – a trail running tour. Or, to be more precise, a tour of the finest gastronomic delights along a magical section of Mediterranean coastline. One guest put it this way, “The running has been pretty easy, it’s the eating that requires endurance”. The trip was hosted by Pablo Rodríguez and his wife Cristina Moret through their Running Costa Brava Trail Running …


Kosovo Backcountry Skiing & Travel Story

Every so often an assignment comes along where a story is presented but a much richer tale gets discovered. This month we were assigned a shoot in Kosovo for Skiing Magazine with our great friend and writer Tim Neville. We immediately understood that there was something more to the story than a ski destination. Tim has spent a good deal of time in the Balkan countries and promised, “Europe… 150 years ago”. This, combined with …