Me Ski Pretty One Day

A woman ski mountaineering, or skimo training, in the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland.

I’m cautious to admit that I don’t love to downhill ski. I don’t though. I’m from the flat plains of middle America where skiing doesn’t fit the topography or the culture. And so, I didn’t grow up a skier. I moved to France with no mountain experience. I didn’t speak the language, couldn’t admire the local cuisine (being vegan), and I certainly didn’t ski. Along with playing pétanque and smoking, skiing seemed to be a …

How I fight the cycling winter blues with skimo

Ski randonee racers training in the Italian Dolomites

In winter, cyclists either get fat or undergo a training regime that sounds like torture. They ride outside in absolutely miserable conditions; and when they can feel their fingers again, they post epic pictures on social media and pretend that they had a fantastic time. Sometimes, they go to the gym and look ridiculous as they try to lift weights with their skinny arms. Or even worse – they ride indoors…. OK, so technology has at least …


Essential SkiMo Gear

Skimo Gear

What’s inside my skimo pack? The beauty of skimo is that it really is like going for a run. You can go alone, you can get an intense workout in with little time, and you really don’t need much gear. But, you do need the right gear, and you need to understand what that is and if it’s right for where you ski. Yesterday we talked about what skimo is, and some of the things …


What is SkiMo?

Ski mountaineering in the Swiss Alps

SkiMo Explained Uphill skiing? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Who skis up? According to a recent article at Outside online, skimo is one of North America’s hottest winter sports. Apparently lots of people are pointing their skis uphill. After ten years living in the Alps, skimo is now a regular part of what I do each winter. It’s completely normal to go for a ski and just go uphill. While it’s been great to hear of its growth in North America, …

Expectations on the Berner Oberland Ski Tour

It can happen. A trip gone wrong. But while one person sees failure, another sees, and even appreciates, the experience for what it is. “It” is what you make of it. The Berner Oberland ski tour taught me some lessons. Last week we set out for six days of ski touring in the Berner Oberland’s Aletsch Arena. For me, as a professional photographer, I had two magazines, one commercial blog, and this very website that I …


Desert Sand Dune Skiing Morocco

Sand skiing in the Sahara Desert

In a way we did end up ski touring, but nothing like what we set out to do when we decided to go to Morocco. The High Atlas Mountains, and the 4000 meter Toubkal Peak was our goal. Our reality were the Merzouga Sand Dunes and a few 130 meter piles of sand. There, we rode camels and did a ski tour where four people shared one pair of skis and boots. Thankfully, it worked out. But …