WD Wireless Pro Hard Drive Review

The reviews scared me. I added it to my cart, then tossed it. Not impressed with other options, I put it back in my cart. Finally, I hit the Buy button. The hell with it. We’ll see. Our last shoot had us in Kyrgyzstan where we’d be getting into the backcountry on horseback, then skiing peaks from a yurt camp. To simplify things and save weight, my goal was to leave the Macbook Air and external …


Salomon x Alp 30 Review

Last year I reviewed Salomon’s X Alp 20 and called it the perfect pack. Since that time Salomon released an updated version, adding 3 liters to the capacity and including a side shovel handle and probe pocket. The perfect pack became even better. I switched to the 23 and it remains my go to bag for most shorter day ski tours. It’s also what I take for most days in the mountains, excluding trail running. …

Camelbak Trail Running Pack Review

Trail running in the Salbit, Swiss Alps

Camelbak Trail Running Packs Trail running in the Alps almost every day of the summer and fall, gave us plenty of opportunity to try new gear. Late in the summer, Camelbak sent us some of their new performance trail running packs. What we found is worth sharing. Trail Running Pack Use We used these packs for both short and full day trail running tours in warm summer weather. We typically carried a wind shirt, lightweight long …

MSR Trail Shot Water Filter Review

Water filtering in Alps lake

One of the easiest ways to lighten your pack weight is by reducing the amount of water you carry. If you’re carrying a lot of water for a whole day, but passing sources and not using them, you’re wasting an opportunity to save weight, travel faster, and move more comfortably. If you prefer to filter your mountain water, the MSR Trail Shot water filter is going to quickly get the job done, and weighs only 142 grams vs. …


The Salomon X Alp 23 is the Perfect Backpack

Hiking the Oberaarhorn

I admit, I have a pack fetish. I dream of being given the chance to design my own perfect pack, a vision which includes the very best bits and pieces of all the countless packs I’ve used in the last 20 years. More importantly, it would not include all the many design blunders I’ve seen. Why am I so into packs? Because for 330+ days a year I live and work out of them in the …


Essential SkiMo Gear

Skimo Gear

What’s inside my skimo pack? The beauty of skimo is that it really is like going for a run. You can go alone, you can get an intense workout in with little time, and you really don’t need much gear. But, you do need the right gear, and you need to understand what that is and if it’s right for where you ski. Yesterday we talked about what skimo is, and some of the things …